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I was born very poor in the slums of South Philadelphia. There was an abandoned house across the street from where we rented and one day my father moved his little family into that rundown, eyesore, neglected house and began fixing it up. There was an outhouse in the back yard, and I remember going out in the dead of winter using it. I remember my father tearing down that outhouse, installing plumbing and a new bathroom inside. He painted all the rooms, buffed and shined the floors, and put a furnace in the basement. We lived there for many years in that home. I never knew while I was small that we were squatters. I had great parents who taught me and my five siblings good values and a great respect for myself and my neighbors. As a poor boy, I wondered if I would ever be rich. If I really ever could be rich, even.

I soon found out that the values that I was taught as a poor boy were the real things that mattered and that I was rich, not so much in money but in what I already had.  I had health and happiness. I knew my family history and understood Biblical history and knew why I was placed on this earth and that heaven was my ultimate destination. 

Health, happiness, history, and heaven. Like the legs of a sturdy chair these four values have balanced my life. It is my goal to share these treasures with you on my website. Someone has said that without health, no matter how rich you are, you cannot enjoy those riches. Without happiness life is pointless. Without knowing where you came from and where you are going there is no purpose to life.

My mission is to share some of my life experiences, some of my writings, some of my history and some of my values with you. I hope you will share some of yours with me and my audience.

The Mission

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